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As the first annual pop-up, the mission of Pollinator 2017 was to create a temporary, experimental living-lab that educated the community and brought to light the importance of human-centric design, activity-based workspaces, employee well-being and the impact of user experience.


There were several challenges ctrl+shift+space had to maneuver through: 1) First was to identify a building-owner with a vacant suite who was willing to donate the space for one month; 2) Second was to gather sponsors and other supporters who would donate furnishings and services to bring the Pollinator concept to life; 3) Third was to plan and host events and other gatherings in the space to educate and share insights with a wide variety of people; 4) Last was to deliver Pollinator to the community in under 6 weeks so as to align with Portland's Design Week Festival. 


Within an historical building, and in collaboration with some key industry partners, ctrl+shift+space transformed a semi-updated 10,000 square foot office suite, into an unique workplace experience. A large variety of furniture manufacturers, along with local makers and craftspeople, filled the suite mainly with mobile and 'hackable' products meant to provide end-users with control and flexibility over their work environment.


Pearl District @ NW 14th & Irving, Portland, OR







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