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In 2015 our Founder and Principal, Allyson Strowbridge, decided there was a better way to handle workplace transitions, so she took things into her own hands and started ctrl+shift+space. From that moment on, it has been our mission to create office experiences where individual well-being and prosperity are ways of life, and not just afterthoughts. Today, when companies are ready to turn empty or dull offices into human-centered workplaces, they turn to Allyson and ctrl+shift+space for guidance, advice and leadership.

We are impartial resources and unbiased advocates who cut through the confusion and frustration of a complex process. Paying attention to the details and making certain our clients are informed every step of the way, is our way of helping people make important decisions as straight-forward and as simple as possible. Our work doesn’t just save time and money for our clients, it also fosters community, engagement and happiness.

We take the time to ask questions, listen carefully and apply best-practices to each project we engage in. And, because we genuinely care about the people who we work with, every collaboration and relationship is built upon mutual trust, empathy and respect.

Basically, we keep the needs of the end-users front and center while taking a unique project delivery approach that integrates workplace strategy, planning and project management. Plus we put our insider industry knowledge to work in ways that make a difference to the bottom line.

More than anything, what makes an entirely tedious process worth the while, is the end result - seeing people smile and hearing their excitement over coming to an office that was designed and optimized just for them.


About our founder & team...

ALLYSON STROWBRIDGE   Founder & Principal


Founder & Principal

Allyson brings 15 years of experience managing and creating high-performing work environments to the table. She is dedicated to being a life-long learner and continues to fine-tune and expand her knowledge of workplace strategies and their impact on employee experience and engagement through education, research, observation and analysis. Drawing from her unique professional background in teaching, office and facilities administration, project management, commercial furnishings, and change management, Allyson’s breadth of expertise ensures tenant improvement projects are delivered on time and on budget - and with a smile.

In addition to her day job as Owner/Principal of ctrl+shift+space, Allyson founded Pollinator, whose mission is to foster education and awareness surrounding the significant impact that human-centered work environments have on employee experience and engagement.

Allyson is a long-time member of  CREW (Commercial Real Estate for Women), having served on and chaired several committees. Additionally, she stays involved with CoreNet, IFMA, NAIOP and other commercial real estate organizations, plus regularly speaks at various local and regional engagements.  

Together with her husband Adam, an accomplished wood-worker and boat-builder, and their two boys, Arlo and Ansel, Allyson and her family enjoy traveling, camping, hiking and sailing their boat, Simple Green, any chance they get!



Having lived and traveled all over the country, Sarah, Project Coordinator for ctrl+shift+space, came to Portland in pursuit of a quirky, creative art community and the great outdoors. She spent many years in sales, customer service, and business operations, primarily in the art world, connecting people with amazing art, with one another, as well as helping artists connect with an array of art glass materials so they could share their story and creativity.

In addition to a passion for all things art and engaging with a diverse community, Sarah also loves dogs and established a dog boarding business where she played with adorable and fun dogs on a daily basis! She has worked with countless business and studio owners, makers from all walks of life, art enthusiasts and dog lovers, and remains dedicated to facilitating and finding creative solutions for clients.

Outside the workplace, Sarah enjoys gardening, knitting, spending time in her art glass studio and playing with her two dogs.

SARAH GIVENS   Project Coordinator


Project Coordinator



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