We get a kick out of translating for our clients the language of: planning, designing, constructing and furnishing


Because the process is often as confusing as a foreign subway system, it's best to have an expert guide and interpreter. When it comes to deciphering unfamiliar business processes, enlisting the aid of someone who speaks and reads the 'language' fluently should be a no brainer.

Renovating, relocating or opening a new space can be a daunting, daresay painful, voyage for many organizations. By teaming with our clients’ Real Estate, Design, Furniture, Construction and Moving professionals, we wholeheartedly co-produce customized interiors and workplace solutions. 

As your personal navigator, we recommend these top three headache relievers: 

ctrl +

controlling costs, budgets and resources

Peace of mind is critical

So are internal resources, time, energy and budget for our clients and their stake holders.

That's why controlling costs is our #1 goal.

Plus we're here to help decision makers lock down their choices with confidence knowing they've received unbiased advice and expert guidance from start, middle to finish.  


shift +

workspace renovation, relocation or expansion. 

Experiences leave lasting impressions

Our cause is creating positive impacts, by shifting and simplifying the process our clients experience during a renovation, relocation or new office opening.

Satisfaction is our effect.



work environment strategy. space design.

Take yours to the next level

Work environments that are designed intentionally to function and flex, naturally draw talent and are equipped for inevitable change.

Make an interior space one that provides employees with a sense of belonging, and they will stay.

Design an environment that inspires employees to contribute to and embrace the well-being of their community, and they will flourish.