A Vibrant Lobby & Entry

Recently ctrl+shift+space completed a master design plan and budget forecast for the main lobby and entry areas at the new offices of one of our favorite engineering and surveying clients, BHEGroup. Firm partners, Monica and Tim, were both such a delight to work with and we're excited to share their experience working with us below! 

As part of our Diagnostics Circuit, this first phase of the project entailed assessing workplace needs and producing a high-level plan and budget for various interiors solutions. Key placemaking components comprised a media and graphics-rich 'brand-wall', a 3D textured-wood 'feature-wall', furnishings, lighting, plants and other accessories.

The Solutions Circuit, or phase 2, will include finalizing selections, verifying fit, specifying finishes, and procuring the products presented in the master plan. The last lap, or Implementation Circuit, is when ctrl+shift+space will take the project to the finish line by coordinating the service providers, handling building permits, and managing logistics, delivery and installation of all items purchased/custom built.

Though the 2nd and 3rd circuits are yet to be completed, we couldn't wait to share the Q&A below. We thank Monica and Tim for their honest and thoughtful words, and look forward to working together again on the final laps!

the need for a solution...

What challenges and objectives led you to look for a solution?

We have a newly designed office space (with the assistance of Allyson on a prior project) and we wanted a design for the lobby/entry that created an even more vibrant space. Since many of our clients are architects, it is important for our office space to convey our understanding of high-level design. 

the decision process...

How did you come to the decision to work with ctrl+shift+space?

Prior to this project, Allyson provided us with design services of our new office space as it related to furniture and fixtures selections. She was instrumental in developing a design that completely integrated furnishings, finishes, colors, pattern with our designed office space. We liked what she was capable of doing and retained her once again, for the design work on this project.

What was most important to you when evaluating your options?

An understanding of our aesthetic and our goals and vision.

the implementation...

How would you describe the overall process? Did it meet your expectations?

The process met our expectations. Allyson was proactive and helped move us forward. She listened and responded with options that reflected our discussions and direction. Allyson is fun to work with and it's exciting when she is able to provide design elements, whether furnishings, finishes, colors, etc. that we liked and wanted without having articulated the specifics.

What, if any, suggestions would you have for improving the process?

None needed!

the solution in action...

Is there a particular aspect of the collaboration/partnership that you find/found most beneficial or noteworthy?

Allyson has the keen ability to understand one's overall design goals and deliver on them, so we were able to trust, from the beginning of our work with her, that she would develop great solutions. Therefore, we would say that by trusting her, one will be well-served.

Who else would you see benefitting from a collaboration/partnership with ctrl+shift+space?

Anyone, or any entity that is interested in high-end design of their spaces, whether large or small, not just from an aesthetic perspective, but from the development of spaces that contribute to productivity, enjoyment, and over all well-being. 

the results...

How did/does/will the services provided by ctrl+shift+space help you save time and increase productivity?

Knowing we could trust Allyson's approach and that she would provide solutions that responded to our discussions, we were able to march right through the tasks and not have to repeat or spend a great deal of time on a task or process.

In what ways did/does/will this collaboration/partnership/ solution enhance your competitive advantage?

As noted, it is important for us to convey to our clients a highly professional image to acknowledge our respect for design. While this may not directly result in a competitive advantage, it is part of our firm image/culture which does influence client decisions.

What would you say was the biggest value-add and/or cost-savings of working with ctrl+shift+space?

Ability to trust Allyson's approach, knowing she will provide appropriate and creative solutions, be proactive with the project, and provide an overall extremely enjoyable experience.