Whether you’re opening your first office, refreshing your current workplace, or scaling up, designing and outfitting an office is exciting, but it can also be a daunting, complicated task.

Let's face it, a lot is at stake and you need to get it right, because you'll be there for many years to come. You have a golden opportunity to design a flexible, agile, human-centric workplace that will function the way your people need it to, plus improve their well-being, and help them be as productive and effective as possible — but figuring out how to create such a space is a huge undertaking.  

You’ll want to get the best value out of your contractors and other service providers, too, but if you’ve never done it before, things can get overwhelming fast. And then there’s figuring out the office furniture, which might feel familiar (you’ve bought stuff for your home after all, right?) but commercial furniture is actually very different from residential. Or maybe you’ve done an office move before, but this time, you just don’t have the time or resources to manage it yourself.

Whatever the case may be, we would love to be there for you every step of the way. Working with ctrl+shift+space, you’ll save money on products and services, avoid headaches and reduce stress for your team, plus minimize the time your employees will spend making the move happen. Our services always pay for themselves in the long run. We’ll make sure the entire process goes as smoothly as possible, and that the end result is a workplace you can’t wait to get to work in.




New Space

Opening your first office is exciting! Designing and outfitting an office for the first time is a big deal. So much information to gather and process, so many solutions to consider, so many decisions to make. Not to mention the countless meetings, emails, and phone calls to keep things moving forward, and the service providers you’ll need to find, vet, and manage. ctrl+shift+space takes the pressure off. We streamline decision-making, save money, and safeguard your time and resources.

We’ll guide you through the process of planning, budgeting, designing, building, and outfitting your new workplace. Then we’ll help you move in, get settled, and get to work.




Does your workplace need a tune-up? First impressions count. A hodgepodge of mismatched furniture and accessories is distracting and unwelcoming to employees and visitors alike. We harmonize aesthetics and balance floor plans to bring about positive impacts on employee productivity and morale. The right workplace design can improve people’s well-being, cut down on lost work hours due to illness, and set the stage for increased creativity and productivity. In other words, your investment will pay for itself.

First we’ll assess your current set-up and define your needs. Then we’ll help you rethink, organize, and optimize your environment to communicate your brand as well as improve your daily experience in the office.




Scaling Up

Is your office bursting at the seams? Growth is great, but businesses must be proactive about accommodating it. A large-scale relocation or tenant improvement project is a massive undertaking, with many individual needs and business priorities to juggle. ctrl+shift+space will help you sort out where and how to begin the process. We’ll guide you through the full course of a relocation, from start to finish, so that your next space will reflect your brand, culture, and company values, and inspire employees and visitors so you can keep on growing.

With an understanding of how your people work and your company values, we’ll develop a strategic  plan and budget forecast. Next we’ll offer space and design solutions and manage the process to make sure the project stays on time and on budget, so that you’re less distracted and able to stay focused on running your business.



Looking to improve your space?

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