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Location: Downtown Portland, OR |  Square Feet: 25,000 |   Industry: Tech/Software |  Number of Employees: 100


ctrl+shift+space, in collaboration with Studio 7 Design, were asked to create a distinctly branded and cohesive look and feel for Sightbox’s fast-paced and high-tech work environment.


After a recent acquisition by J&J, Sightbox was adding employees faster than their small space could accomodate. They needed help connecting two previously separate suites into one - while staying occupied and operating business as usual. Acoustics and comfort had to be addressed in their new service call center. Encouraging health and well-being, as well as maintaining their fun-loving culture under new ownership, were prime directives. Certain historical building constraints and existing finishings and furniture had to be taken into consideration during the design and programming process in order to tie disparate components together, utilize previous investments, maximize the budget and optimize utilization and square footage.


The new Sightbox space is ultimately comfortable and welcoming to employees and guests alike. The layout and furnishings encourage wellness, productivity and team-work; unique wall art and window treatments, plus lighting and other accessories give it a flare that is closely tied to their fun-loving and employee + client-oriented brand; while an abundance of natural light and plants (both preserved and living) offer nourishment for the lungs and the soul.


Design & Furnishings: c+s+s in collaboration with Studio 7 Design  |  Acoustic Treatments: GRITT & TURF | Plants: Foliage Services | Custom Wall Mural: Dominic Sigari | Wall Coverings: Don Rhyne Painting



during & Before photos




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