the scope


Location: Downtown Portland, OR |  Square Feet: 19,000 |   Industry: Tech/Software |  Number of Employees: 100


At the onset of this project, five areas were identified as needing most improvements. Three were selected as top priority: 1) address restroom limitations; 2) accommodate scaling and fast growth; 3) improve break-room facilities; and two were given secondary priority: 4) expand options and optimize meeting and collaboration areas; 5) create a more functional bike room.


The challenge with this project was three-fold: 1) Maintain a strict TI/construction/furniture budget; 2) Develop space-planning, furnishings and acoustics solutions to provide employees with flexibility, mobility & choice to accommodate their needs at work, both today and into the future; 3) To build and outfit the occupied suite, while also keeping distraction low and productivity high. 


The outcome had many facets of improvements, with the following being the main 'wins': 1) a more user-friendly and contemporary break room; 2) two new gender-neutral restrooms; 3) controlled acoustics and space delineation solutions to reduce distraction in the new 'open office' area; 4) flexible, height-adjustable desk & beam system to address ergonomics and density needs for a fast-growing team.


Property Management: Unico Properties  |  Architect: GBD  |  General Contractor: Russell Construction  |  Furniture/Accessories: SmithCFI & ctrl+shift+space



Before & In process photos

 - this is an ongoing project -




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